Michele masterfully planned and facilitated the sale of my property while I was out of the country. She went above in beyond by coordinating with property managers, renters, and agents on my behalf for several months, laying the framework for a “turn-key” transition from investment property to sale. I am deeply grateful to her for tremendous efforts and expertise that ensured a well-timed sale in a challenging market.     -Hunter Barns


Michele helped my wife and I find a great home in Seattle after we relocated from New York. She was great to work with. There were four things in particular I liked about working with Michele: 1) She knew the local housing market extremely well 2) She never once tried to oversell a property 3) Her very large network of referrals were all great, and, most importantly 4) She is exceptionally smart–definitely somebody you want on your side when negotiating or dealing with legal issues. I can’t recommend Michele enough!     -Jake and Kim Bennett


I just wanted to say that the assigned agent, Michele, is one of the most detailed-oriented and thorough agents I’ve ever worked with. She is amazing! She knows her market, priced the customer well and got a contract in right away. How she is handling the contract process is so refreshing as she is really on top of things without me even having to ask. It’s been a pleasure working with her in every aspect – she is a keeper. Please feel free to share this feedback with her manager/broker. She is a real asset.      -Meredith (Cartus relocation)


The only bad part of finding the perfect home was that we no longer had a reason to work with Michele! This was our first home purchase and we were moving to the Seattle area from the east coast, so everything was new to us. I am so grateful that our relocation services put us in touch with Michele because she was amazing. Not only is she super smart (how many agents do you know that are former corporate CPAs?), but she is also very patient, shrewd, helpful, and FUN! She knows the entire Seattle area better than anyone as she’s lived here her entire life and has lived everywhere from Seattle to Bainbridge Island to the Eastside. We had no intentions of buying for at least a year after we moved to the area, but this didn’t stop Michele from spending all weekend showing us around. Even when we thought we knew where we might or might not want to be, she insisted that we see it all to better understand our options. She showed us all types of houses and properties until she knew exactly what we liked and didn’t like at which point we probably could’ve let her pick our house for us, because she listened to our needs that well! She never pushed us in any direction, but was always willing to express her opinion when asked…which we did often because we found it extremely valuable. Although we thought it would take over a year to find the house of our dreams, Michele is so good at her job it took only a couple of months (and I am very picky)!


Michele always had our best interests in mind and her strong negotiating skills were key to us getting the house we wanted during the competitive summer market. Michele actually talked us down from wanting to offer more money than she felt was necessary to get our house under contract and despite difficult negotiations and multiple offers she succeeded! We didn’t realize it at the time, but that was only the beginning as our road to closing was riddled with unconventional challenges. I honestly don’t think we would have felt comfortable closing if we hadn’t had Michele on our side as she helped us navigate every new challenge and always encouraged us to consider all of our options. Through her support and friendship, she made a challenging situation not only manageable but advantageous as she continued to negotiate better terms for us along the way. We are now in a house that we absolutely love, which never would have happened if we hadn’t met Michele! While I hate the idea of ever moving again, at least I know I have Michele to look forward to when that time comes!


Michele Schuler is an agent we can highly recommend. Her most outstanding qualities include an extensive familiarity with the greater Seattle area (on Mercer and Bainbridge Islands as well as all Seattle suburbs); a flexible schedule; and an in depth knowledge of the local real estate conditions, challenges, and trends. Her professionalism and strong business sense ensures her clients negotiate the right deal and are properly protected from potential pitfalls. Michele helped us purchase a home after we relocated to the area. She was willing to work with our schedules and make herself available on weekends and in the evenings. She has a trained eye when it comes to viewing properties and can help you spot the assets or liabilities when you are shopping for a home. She is very good at understanding your needs and helping you get through what can sometimes be stressful negotiations. Her understanding of the market, values, and potential in homes was a critical part of our decision making process. She is an excellent agent to work with and we would absolutely recommend her to friends and family.


Michele has the perfect combination of knowledge, patience, and sense-of-humor. She enthusiastically researched and showed us about 75 homes from Port Ludlow to Belfair over a 3-month period with a smile on her face. When we found our home we thought her job was completed but it really just began. She introduced us to a competent and friendly team of people who guided us through the process inspecting, negotiating, and financing a home. We recommend Michele to anyone buying or selling property.     -Lynda Mcauliffe


Michele is the type of realtor that you dream to have on your side. My family was relocating from Chicago to Seattle and was assigned a realtor from my company. My wife and I didn’t know what to expect, as we didn’t have any references and didn’t know the area. We lucked out with Michele and couldn’t have been happy with the service that we received. Since we were new to the area, we were looking all across the Seattle area including Bainbridge Island, Mercer, Seattle, Woodinville, Kirkland, etc. and we needed an agent with broad experience. Michele and her team had deep local knowledge of the Seattle metro area and extraordinary knowledge of Bainbridge; showing us houses that weren’t even up for sale yet. Once we found our house, Michele provided her opinion of the value of the property and negotiated hard on our behalf. In the end, we settle on a number very close to her assessment (~10% under list.. and this was in an appreciating market). Michele’s excellent service didn’t end when we signed the deal or even when we closed. A month after we moved in, when an appliance failed and were getting the run around from the warranty company, she stepped in to help get resolution. Within the next week we had moved passed the issue and were getting our appliance replaced. I would recommend Michele to anyone who is looking for a realtor who will put your needs first and who will use their experience to make sure you not only get a house you love but also help ensure you make a solid financial investment.


Michele-is one of the very best real estate agents we have ever worked with. We have bought and sold many properties and have very high standards for the professionals we work with. Michele is one of the very few agents who is always one step ahead of me. She is organized,, articulate, and gets the very best deal for her clients every time. She knows the market and is not afraid to tell you when you have unreasonable expectations but if its within the realm of reasonableness and fairness, Michele will do everything she can to get you the deal.
I wish we could take Michele with us to Tuscon to represent us with our next house.


My wife and I really appreciated everything Michele did, and continues to do, in assisting us with our home search. We were searching within a community where we didn’t have much experience or additional social ties. Michele acted as our “boots on the ground” while we couldn’t be there, and was very responsive with all of our questions.
The Bainbridge Island home inventory was incredibly stale for almost 6 months while we tirelessly searched for our perfect home. So when we found THE HOUSE, Michele positioned us so that we would not miss out on getting it. Well, we got it, and we finally got our keys today. Michele is incredibly pleasant to work with, and very professional and personable at the same time. We look forward to referring all of our friends to Michele when they too decide that Bainbridge Island is the place to be.     -John Kittell


We worked with Michele to find and buy a home on Bainbridge Island, and it couldn’t have gone better. We were relocating from Seattle and didn’t want just any old home—and she patiently helped us search over many months. With such low inventory, she worked hard to come up with leads on new properties before they even came on the market. When the right one did come up, she made sure we saw it right away and had a strong offer ready to go, and we got it! Michele is very professional, friendly, knowledgable, and is well-liked by other agents (don’t underestimate the importance of this). Plus, she had excellent communication with us. Highly recommend!     -Barb Kittell


Michele makes it so easy! It’s a complicated process, with several parties involved and Michele guides you through it with ease. She navigates the various steps, provides helpful information that ultimately sets you up for the best possible situation. Her knowledge of the process, the parties involved, and what to look out for were critical in the success of our experience, and ultimately the deal we made. At the end of the day, you just want to feel like you’ve made the right choice, and I wouldn’t hesitate to call on Michele again or to proudly refer her services to anyone!


I am so glad I hired Michele to sell my real estate property. Without her, the sale would never have gone so quickly. Many people familiar with the transaction told me they have never seen a short-sale go so smoothly. Michele knows how to work with a team! She pulled together a team of professionals in a record time. She managed to bring to the team a photographer, a cleaning company, a landscaping service company, a listing agent, a negotiator, and a professional inspector.  I recommend Michele to everyone! She is an asset in every respect! -Ingemar Anderson


Anyone looking to buy or sell on Bainbridge Island listen up. Not all real-estate agents are created equal. Michele Schuler is without question the finest and most professional agent on the island and candidly the only one who delivered. After a year plus of listing my home with a previous local agent, I was forced to go looking for a new approach and a new agent. My goal was simply to find someone who knew how to market and professionally represent a home and sell it on the island. Michele came highly regarded for her professionalism, industry and savvy negotiation skills. I was thrilled from the beginning with her tenacity and the accuracy of the compliments she had received. After a long year of no offers with my home languishing away under the previous agent, Michele was successful in selling my home. I cannot say enough about Michele’s attentive correspondence and thorough follow-ups every step of the way. The broker you choose definitely impacts the entire experience and the success of the transition. I recommend Michele.     – Avery Ross


Michele says she goes the extra mile for her clients. This is an understatement. I was (and still am) continually amazed by her willingness (enthusiastic willingness) to take another step to serve any need of mine remotely related to the sale of my home and the purchase of another. She is truly incredible and you can’t possibly do any better. I had been working with another realtor to sell my home (sale fell through at the 11th hour), and when I engaged Michele, I quickly learned what a HUGE difference there is between someone born to be in real estate (Michele) and the rest. She is a resourceful, enthusiastic, fully engaged *expert* who PUTS YOUR NEEDS FIRST – not hers. I really can’t say enough positive things about my experience working with Michele. She sold my house in record time (and it closed), secured a new home for me in an extremely competitive/challenging market, and is still calling to see how she can help after we closed on both transactions. I recommend her HIGHLY to anyone buying or selling.


Michele worked with our family for nine months to find the right home on Bainbridge Island. Let’s face it, buying a home is a stressful process. Michele approaches the search with zeal and a keen business mind. She has a calming influence and an analytical approach to helping you find the right home at the right value. We appreciated that she doesn’t try to push houses on you, is willing to take as long as it takes for you to find the right home, and when asked will give you solid opinions on the pros and cons of the place you like. We have already referred two people to Michele and won’t hesitate to send more people her way.


Michele helped my wife and I find a great home in Seattle after we relocated from New York. She was *great* to work with. There were four things in particular I liked about working with Michele: 1) she knew the local housing market extremely well, 2) she never once tried to oversell a property, 3) her very large network of referrals were all great, and, most importantly 4) she is exceptionally smart–definitely somebody you want on your side when negotiating or dealing with legal issues. I can’t recommend Michele enough!


We have worked with Michele on three different transactions over the past 4 years. We totally trust her opinions and advise. And she is very fun to work with. We will call her again if we ever move in the entire Seattle area! She is WONDERFUL!     -Kim Gardner


Michele was outstanding in all respects helping my wife and I find our first Seattle home. We began looking over a year ago while living overseas and through it all she was very supportive without ever making us feel rushed. Her diligence, market understanding, and tenacity allowed us to find exactly the right location at a very good price. During the process we found out that Michele was formerly a controller in the Microsoft Finance department. This experience was evident in her attention to all details and notably with respect to the contractual terms and financial negotiation strategies. She is a great person to have on your side of the deal! Michele would be the first person I recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the greater Seattle area.


We were looking for a place on Mercer Island. Michele helped us to define our focus and needs. Michele asked us to be patient and did not rush us toward and property that was not ideal. She also has an excellent network of professionals that she can refer to: They are from inspector to architect to builders for what ever home projects you might need. Even after the house was closed, she followed up and help to remove certain “junk” left by previous owner.  Michele helped us to find the perfect house on the perfect location on West Mercer!!!


Michele has helped a lot in getting a house sold (pending right now) in the difficult times we’ve had in last year or so (2010/2011). She did a great job in developing marketing (collateral, listing info, etc) for the house. During process, really appreciated how she constantly kept us abreast on market situation (inventory, sold, new, etc.) and how we stood, and always thinking what else can be done to get some “bites” so to speak. You can also count on her for good advice, providing you with solid, practical opinion on options/decisions you may face….whether to reduce price, how to negotiate, etc. Will definitely call on her on my next real estate deal!