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Mercer Island

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Mercer Island, an island in the middle of Lake Washington, is suspended by Interstate 90 between the metropolitan hubs of Seattle and Bellevue. The island’s six square miles are home to about 22,000 residents.


The proximity to Seattle, low crime rate, the tranquil and woodsy ambiance, and excellent schools have made Mercer Island a very desirable and sought after place to live. Mercer Island is home to executives and professionals. What was once a community of summer homes, Mercer Island grew substantially when a bridge replaced the Lake Washington Ferry. Now, Mercer Island real estate is characterized by luxury homes. Mercer Island is the wealthiest city in Washington State, offering some of the best waterfront homes on the market today. The quiet, wooded neighborhoods often boast views of Seattle, Bellevue, Mount Rainier, and both the Cascade and the Olympic Mountains.


Because of its island character, Mercer Island has a strong sense of community. It has a strong tradition of volunteerism and many clubs and organizations help make up the tight-knit fabric of the community.


The Schools here are highly respected, and are another reason why people are drawn to Mercer Island. Mercer Island students consistently rank highly among schools in the state for students attending post-secondary schooling–approximately 90% of graduating Mercer Island high school seniors continue on for further education.


Although Mercer Island is made up of mostly single-family residences, it has a busy, yet small downtown area on the northern end of the island. It is here you will find retail shopping, restaurants and several new condominium projects. Mercer Island has always taken pride in its parks and open spaces. The city owns and maintains more than 475 acres of parks and open space offering ball fields, bike trails, picnic areas, hiking trails, beaches and swimming areas.


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