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Kirkland is located just across Lake Washington from Seattle, a short drive across the Highway 520 floating bridge. This lakeside city has one of the most-loved downtown areas in the greater Seattle region, with a mix of upscale shops, unique restaurants, and an “old town feel” that allows for walking to most necessities. Waterfront parks dot Kirkland’s shoreline and waterfront homes give way to upscale neighborhoods near the water and more affordable, suburban neighborhoods heading east.


Kirkland is home to award-winning hotels, wineries and restaurants and hosts a dynamic repertoire of events spanning art openings and performances to athletic events, wine festivals and outdoor concerts.


Kirkland also offers an active lifestyle lending itself to running, walking, biking, kayaking and boating enthusiasts alike. Historical pride mixed with small town charm gives Kirkland a strong sense of community in a safe and approachable urban environment.


Kirkland is part of the highly-regarded Lake Washington School District, and has a population of around 80,000 residents. Condos in Kirkland are centered around the waterfront, while most inland properties are single family homes.


It is a leader in business innovation and has attracted some of the top global companies such as Costco, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and


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